Are you ready for an island adventure in the magical Maldives?

Thanks to Bizcommunity for this great piece on our favourite islands: "The Maldives is everything you imagine it to be and then some. Your heart will do its first flip when you fly over the brilliant turquoise waters that surround each atoll - truly a sight to behold from the air."

Then there's the pristine white sandy beaches that seem to stretch on endlessly. The house reefs teem with sea life and are all but a few swim strokes away. Combine this rich natural beauty with delectable food, bottomless cocktails, and the endearing hospitality of the Maldivian people, and you've got yourself a magical getaway.

All of this is just an eight-hour flight direct from Joburg, exclusive to local travel agency Priority Escapes. Huzzah, for no longer having to lose precious time in transit while stopping over in Dubai or Doha!

Now, to be honest, the Maldives was never really on my radar for two reasons. I'd assumed it to be well outside my travel budget and that it largely involved lazing around all day sipping cocktails. Turns out, not only can I afford to visit the Maldives (with a few less Mr D deliveries), but as a destination, it offers a considerable activity menu for the novelty-seeking traveller.

A seven-day trip with Priority Escapes, hosted at Kuramathi, The Standard Huruvalhi, Dhigali, Oblu Select Lobigili and Sangeli, completely changed my perspective. There's certainly something to everyone's taste among this special group of atolls.